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Embroidery and illustration


Handmade custom artworks

La Katie Menzies is an illustrator and craftswoman who creates handmade, personalised objects. 

The designs are first conceptualised on paper or digitally, then hand-embroidered. You can choose an image which relates to your own story, such as favourite films or music, pets, locations and dates.

Your Unique Piece

One of a Kind

Each piece is individually handmade to have their own unique twist.

Inspired by You

You can also use the 'contact' form to order your own personalised your garment, choosing a style and designs that reflect your story.

An Evolving Process

These designs will be custom made to suit you and only completed when you’re happy with the style, size and positioning. This is a collaborative process to create a one-off garment.


"Anyone who’s stepped into crafting circles on the internet knows embroidery is beyond cool"

- Huffpost